About Us

nReverse Booksellers is the online marketplace of ARCHIVES & ARCHITECTURE, LLC.

We are a cultural resources management firm located in San Jose, California, with a satellite office in nearby Santa Cruz.

Professionally, we work as historians and archivists, and are keenly interested in local history books as well as architecture and planning books and documents that help us learn about the built environment. Our obsession with collecting resource material has resulted in an abundance of books and other ephemera. We maintain a catalog of over 1000 local history and architecture books, and are bringing more online everyday.This bookstore provides an outlet for us to recirculate excess reference material back out to the general public. 

ARCHIVES & ARCHITECTURE, LLC is also a publisher of local history books that can be acquired from us directly through this site. We also have an inventory of other recently published works. If you are unable to find what you are looking for in our listings, let us know what you seek and we'll help you find it.